Oft Pondered Queries

Q: What do you Do? 

A: Much like any other church, we have religious services, potlucks, movie nights, educational talks, discussion groups, and facilitate both original community engagement and the provision of support to partner organizations. The hellfire of summer brings the occasional ice cream social. 

Our events that are open to non-members are announced on social media and put on our site calendar. Details for events can be obtained via our “Strangers at the Crossroads” group on Facebook, or upon request from contact@thecrossroadsassembly.com 

Q: Where are you based?

A: Currently, the majority of our congregation is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. As the flowers of our community bloom, the southwestern winds will carry our enduring zeal.

Q: What are some examples of what you’ve done in the community? 

A: We hold donation drives, partner with local organizations to provide volunteer labor, facilitate educational events, and march in Pride, among other activities. Our key focus with activism has primarily been reproductive justice, LGBTQIA+ issues, animal welfare, and domestic violence shelters. 

Q: What is the “left-hand path?”

A: The concept of the left-hand path has had different definitions throughout history, but has too often been constructed to a simplistic binary. Our interpretation of the term is an adversarial viewpoint that can be summed up as follows: 

  • Immersion instead of abstinence
  • Focus on the carnality of being human, and the “here and now”
  • Using our collective strength and will to improve both ourselves and our communities, guided by wisdom and reason
  • Healthy sense of pride and commitment to skepticism 
  • Recognizing the Self as the only “god”  
  • Exaltation of esoteric aesthetics 

You can learn more about this on our Catechism page.

Q: But Satan is evil! Do you sacrifice children and animals as part of Illuminati rituals?

A: No. Satan is not an “evil” figure and we would never harm, or promote ritual harm to humans or animals. Individuals who injure others in the name of the devil are simply using an age-old device to blame an external entity for their actions. Those who legitimately believe Satan is personally advising them to abuse others should seek medical intervention. 

The “Illuminati” in its current cultural iteration is an anti-semitic conspiracy theory, and ritual abuse/”The Satanic Panic” of the 80’s/90’s has been definitively debunked. QAnon and related movements are extensions of this moral panic. 

Q: Do you have a physical building? Can I visit?

A: To accommodate the needs of our congregation, who are widespread geographically, the Assembly meets at partner venues and host establishments throughout the metroplex each month. 

Q: How do you feel about those “Satanic” groups who use fascist imagery like swastikas and other symbols found on the Anti-Defamation League’s Hate Symbols Database

A: We do not find them to be Satanic at all. Nothing oppressive or dogmatic has any place within the philosophy of the adversary, which is founded upon the promotion of freedom and individuality.

We argue that adherents to religious movements sourced from the Satanic archetype who clothe themselves in the symbols of the oppressor are both disgusting and intellectually dishonest. For example, the Church of Satan has argued that the themes of theatre, shock, and power provide a common ground between Satanists and fascists.

We do not feel a need to incorporate genocidal symbology in order to feel empowered. 

We vehemently reject the aesthetics, tools, and purveyors of hate. Our group is peaceful. We speak out against those who try to inject neo-nazism/white supremacy into counter-culture scenes via a perceived shared “outsider” status. We do not hesitate to promote community education and de-radicalization from far-right extremism. 

Q: Aren’t Satanic groups cults? 

A: The Crossroads Assembly is a community of very individualistic people who come together to enjoy fellowship, activism, art, and religious practice under a banner of shared values and goals. While cultish movements may be rampant in American society, our mainstay against the constrictive downfalls of insular communities is a simple one. Our structure is built upon encouraging each community member to seek their own fulfilling Satanic life path, while also providing a sanctuary to celebrate, learn, and grow together. 

We provide a holistic experience devoid of media stunts, diluted pretense, or excessive merchandising. We would caution anybody, especially in the occult/Satanic/Left-Hand Path sphere, to be wary of groups that encourage them to source your identity from their brand or leaders. 

Q: Is there an age requirement for events? What do I wear?!

Our events are 18+ and sometimes 21+ depending on location unless you are the child of an official member or the event is specifically advertised as family-friendly. Our community is very diverse, does not fit many stereotypes, and you don’t need to be “goth” to fit in. Wear what makes you confident and happy; the only events with dress codes are high ritual holidays. 

Q: Do I need to identify as a “Satanist” or atheist to come to events?

A: We have a wide community group comprised of official members, prospective members, Satanists/LHP adherents who are solitary practitioners, and the “Satan-Adjacent.” Satan-Adjacent is defined as a non-Satanic person of any religious or atheist/agnostic background who enjoys the left-hand path community.

As long as you are polite to the group and respectful to our venues, you will be fine. We highly suggest you follow Anton LaVey’s classic rule of “When in another’s lair, show (them) respect or else do not go there.” No touching people without consent and no racism/sexism/transphobia. Be mindful of personal boundaries, pronouns, and standard etiquette. Individuals will be asked to leave events if these guidelines are broken. 

Q: Do you hate Christians?

A: No. We do not hate any specific religion or group of people. We oppose theocracy, abuse, and harmful ideologies. We have many Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, and other allies. 

Q: Are you affiliated with TST or CoS? 

A: No. We are a wholly independent organization of our own unique denomination of Charismatic Satanism. 

Q: How do I join as an official member?

A: Come to some of our public events, get to know our community, and let us get to know your personal Satanism.

The password is “Spooky Atheists.”


Questions? Join our Facebook forum, Strangers at the Crossroads, or come chat with us at an event to learn more!

You can also reach out to contact@thecrossroadsassembly.com, or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram 

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