Charismatic Satanism

The Crossroads Assembly has established the denomination of Charismatic Satanism. Charisma, from the Greek root meaning favor/gift/rejoice, encapsulates exaltation of vital existence. Modern Satanism is rooted in the ideals of the Romantic and Enlightenment eras. As a denomination, Charismatic Satanism is an aspirational creed that emphasizes celebratory indulgence, learning, empowerment, the art and beauty of romanticism, and thoughtful engagement with totality.

As a congregation, our expression of Charismatic Satanism enkindles the elevation of Satanism and liberatory thought. Whether clandestine in praxis or openly converging with the Devil at the Crossroads, we as an Assembly pursue the ontological principle of being our own redeemers, while simultaneously existing in liminal spaces as the Other as we navigate through the chaos of being. Embracing the concept of Memento Mori, we are the visibly chthonic symbol of the archetypes we cherish, rebuking sanctitude and obsession with an imagined hereafter.

Pillars of The Crossroads Assembly

Pillar one: Indulgent satisfaction is vital to human existence. We live in the here and now, not in any mythical hereafter. Our Satanic practice is abundant in celebration, carnality, and joy.

Pillar two: Value is inherent in all living things. Externalized values that dominate the world are coercive to individual will. We oppose fascism, theocracy, and other ruinous externalizations. Our Satanic imperative espouses advocacy for individual rights and hostility towards tyranny.

Pillar three: We flourish in the exaltation of our focused wills and balanced attention to both the mental and physical. Our Satanic quest for knowledge and self-improvement is driven by the desire for personal enrichment.

Pillar Four: Humankind is part of the interconnected animal, natural, metropolitan, and technology-based worlds. The appropriate exercise of compassion and reason forms a necessary ethical foundation. Our Satanic ecology addresses all spheres of existence with zeal.  

Holidays of The Crossroads Assembly

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