“Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen!”
Paradise Lost (1667)

The Crossroads Assembly is a congregation of ardent individuals partaking in an immersive left-hand path community. Our religious praxis is nontheistic and forged in the cauldron of creative jubilation, intersectional revolutionary ideals, and a passion for the thrill of impactful dramatic ritual. 

We hold the Promethean, Outsider, Plutonian, and Trickster ideals—as portrayed by fabled provocateurs like Satan/Lucifer, Pan, Tiamat, Papa Legba, Persephone, Lilith, along with the host of muse demons who bestow manifold gifts—high in our hearts. These mythological figures we celebrate are an abstract of the archetypal underworld ruler, powerful liberator, teacher, Creatrix, and poetic light-bringer who challenge smothering oppression to bring freedom, wisdom, beauty, knowledge, and enrichment to humankind. 

This is our Satanism. The long history of Satanic figures, ideals, and movements formed a crucible from which we have emerged. 

We are at the vanguard in this nascent age of progressive Satanic liberation theology. We are creators and doers. We are in and of the world. 

The Crossroads Assembly has pioneered a unique denomination and created four key pillars based upon this philosophical cornerstone. 

We are explicitly feminist, anti-racist, and staunchly pro-LGBTQIA+. Bigoted people are not welcome to attend events or participate in our social media circles. 

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube